Psychology Professor Richard Bentall on the portrayal of mental illness

In his brilliant open letter to Stephen Fry concerning Fry’s exploration of manic depression featured in the current BBC series “In the Mind”, Psychology Professor Richard Bentall sheds more light on what constitutes severe mental illness. Check the full article below (Original source:




4 thoughts on “Psychology Professor Richard Bentall on the portrayal of mental illness

  1. I quite agree with you Richard. Mental health problems in my opinion is about what has happened to us, not about genetics, or brain dysfunction. The tests that have been done on people with mental health problems which seem to prove some brain dysfunction i.e. on people with diagnoses of schizophrenia, or personality disorder, in my view is a ‘chicken and egg’ argument. They only test people with a mental health history. Did the history cause the problems, or did the problems create the brain results? My personal view is the former. Thanks, Pauline.


  2. borderline PD has similar trails/symptoms to Bipolar, but no one one mentions BPD and horrendous symptoms my son suffers. 16 years of hell, feeling suicidal still no treatment in Herts. Previously worked as Qualified Pharmacist, his career-life now lost due to NO therapy in 16 years Trust in Herts to blame and their NHS complaints dont work either so leaves patients and family in hopeless situ. Parent now have MH diagnosis with the stress.. CMHT allowed to discriminate PD and Multi co-occurring MH probs… the NHS is corrupt and bogus…


    1. Hi Damien,

      I am really sorry about what you and your son have to go through! Maybe it would be better to also post your comment below the actual article itself so that you get some useful comments. All the best!


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